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Post and Telecom

Thursday 19 July 2007

President: Manfred Wiedner, FCG-GPF (Austria)

In a united European market, information treatment systems are becoming more and more important for the connection of all kinds of economic activities. As regards employment, the telecommunications sector is one of the most expansive in Europe.

Of course, this evolution has not been ignored by the private sector and has led to an ever increasing, more and more aggressive urge for privatization.

Through its involvement in the European joint committees, EUROFEDOP wants to appeal in this respect for the exercise of control and regulation by the authorities of Post and Telecommunication companies.

Each citizen must have the possibility of participation without limitation in the communication process.

Therefore each country must preserve the right of monopoly in the field of the offer and administration of basic services.

In our efforts for a global postal service in the whole of the Community, we are supported by the "Green Paper for the Postal Services" that has been submitted by the Commission.

EUROFEDOP considers this document as the base for discussions in relation to the defence of the workers’ interests in the Postal Service.

In any case, the juridical position of the PTT as a Public Service can not be questioned.

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