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Central Administration and Finances

Wednesday 3 June 2015

President: Wilhelm Gloss, GÖD-FCG (Austria)

The social statute of employees in the Public Service is a matter which concerns all the trade councils. Hence the necessity of a universal body that communicates with the European Institutions on this subject.

The Trade Council is an appropriate forum to take upon itself this central assignment. Considering the large differences between the various countries at the social level, a European Charter was drawn up by this Trade Council, in which the minimum rights of employees of the public function, as well as the advantages of firm employment, the right of remuneration and the right of pensions are contained.

The fact that our opinion is duly taken account of at the European level, is proved by the advice of the Economic and Social Committee, that takes over a number of elements from this Charter.

Other subjects that keep this Trade Council going, are the free circulation of workers and the free access to jobs in the public function. In this respect, we have closely followed the European Union’s action programme for the exchange of national civil servants, the Karolus programme.

Of great importance within the global context of this Trade Council, is our attempt to have installed a joint committee of the public administration.

The new Customs Services are still in full evolution. Many Customs Officers have difficulties in adapting to the modified situations.

The social unrest among the workers of Customs is increased by the lack of a structured social dialogue.

So, in this respect, the Trade Council needs to be permanently vigilant. We have explained our grievances in a personal conversation with the competent Commissioner.

Much is also happening in other fields in the sector of finances: - there is more and more pressure for the harmonization of certain taxes in several member states.

As regards VAT, the advance is already considerable, but what will be the effects on employment, both within the administration itself and in the private sector ? - in order to keep pace with the rapid evolution in the world of finances, we believe that our suggestion to create a European School of Finances is a possible solution. We try to convince the authorities constantly of the correctness of this: training and retraining are indeed essential for the Staffs of Finances.

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