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Thursday 19 July 2007

President: John Clinton, POA (Ireland)

The problems that Justice has to deal with in Europe are very divergent, but especially in the prisons regime, through the combination of the opening of national borders and increased criminality, a crisis situation has originated, to which our Trade Council must try to find solutions.

The training and assistance programmes for prison officers are not adjusted to the new challenges that they must respond to: - the increasing number of drug addicts in prisons and detainees who are infected with aids are a real danger for the health and security of the prison officers.

Therefore it should not be a surprise that outbursts happen such as in England - the murder, suicide, kidnapping and hostage-taking that the Staffs of Prisons are the victims of, occur frequently in countries that have to deal with terrorism.

Some countries say that this puts the credibility of the judicial system at risk as well as the security for the Staffs of Prisons (and the citizens!).

This Trade Council has to finish a turbulent agenda.

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