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Thursday 12 July 2007

President: Esther Reyes Diez, SATSE (Spain)
Substitute: Oliver Rummler, FCG-GdG (Austria)

The lack of nursing staff, excessive work loads, inaccurate description of the functions of nursing staff, insufficient retraining possibilities, low salary, few career possibilities: all problems that reoccur in the health institutions everywhere in Europe and ask for a proper solution. So there is work enough for this Trade Council.

However, even this enumeration is incomplete: the health sector is also placed before a number of psychological problems and difficult moral choices as there are: stress, burn-out, aids, abortion, euthanasia.

EUROFEDOP is not discouraged by the multitude of these problems but is determined to find solutions. Thus the report on the "psychological exhaustion of personnel in the health services" was taken over by the European Commission and translated into 9 languages.

The report elaborately describes the causes and consequences of burnout and offers solution strategies.

An excellent motivation to continue on the path that we have chosen.

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