The European Council of March 2004 has underlined the urgency for Europe to take effective action to assure more and better jobs in Europe. In his 2004 ?Employment Task Force? report, Wim Kok highlighted among others the need to improve the government of employment and the necessity to invest in human capital.
Within the framework of the European Employment strategy, both the European Commission (COM (2004) 239) and the European Council (Spring Council) have confirmed the need to invest more and more effectively in human capital. Moreover a European Working Conditions Observatory was created to analyse the trends and challenges in the debate on the future world of work.
A good quality of working life is central to the European Union?s employment strategy and social policy agenda. The quality of work is directly linked to effective human resource management. In order to guarantee effective implementation of reforms, successful management of human capital is impossible without the consultation and participation of the employees
What can be done in the field of human resource management to improve the quality of the jobs and the quality of the service to the public? What are the priorities regarding the improvement of working conditions? How should governments respond to the priorities set in the European Employment Strategy in order to achieve more and better jobs in the public service?
These and other questions will be addressed at this conference, to which your organisation and you are warmly invited.

Fritz Neugebauer Bert Van Caelenberg
President Secretary General