Social Platform “Social values and Democracy”
Brussels, 05-06.12.2006
EZA Startseminar “The Main points of the European Social Dialogue 2007”
Königswinter, 30.11- 01.12 .2006
A good practice framework for e-Government
Brussels, 23.11.2006
Parliament adopts final version of services directive
Brussels, 15.11.2006
Migration of health care professionals in Europe
22.11.2006, European Parliament, Brussels
Jackie Morin presents upcoming actions at Social Dialogue meeting
Brussels, 14.11.2006
European trade union meeting in Belgrade
Serbia, 18-20.10.2006
First Forum on Europe’s demographic future
30-31.10.2006, European Commission, Brussels
Health priorities of the upcoming German Presidency
presented at the Health Forum Gastein, 4-7 October 2006
Eurofedop present at seminar on Working Time and Work-Life balance
17.10.2006, European Parliament, Brussels
Key dates for Services Directive. 11.10.2006 Brussels 23-10-2006
Herfst sessie bij de Raad van Europa
01-06.10.2006, Straatsburg
Open Days CoR. 11.10.2006 Brussels 23-10-2006
Health First Europe’s annual meeting
17.10.2006 Hotel Renaissance, Brussels
Continuation of the lobby against the liberalisation of postal services in 2009
Work in progress - Rethinking and reforming the European Social Model 23-10-2006
TRANSFAIR. A national action day for the public service 11-10-2006
Eurofedop against the dismantling of civil service in Hungary 11-10-2006
Green light for Romania and Bulgaria 11-10-2006
Work in progress
Rethinking and reforming the European Social Model
Maintain older workers in employment. Commission publishes a study on ageing and employment 22-09-2006
Smaller, thinner, less … in short : cut down the government 22-09-2006
View our members' sites 22-09-2006
The impact of e-Government in Europe; what about the employees? 13.09.2006 Helsinki (Finland) 22-09-2006
Eurofedop discusses 'tolerance on the workfloor'. 08-09.09.2006 Jurma(Latvia) 22-09-2006
Strike action by prison officers 20-09-2006
Parliament plans 2nd reading services directive 05-09-2006
The Finns to take on health care issues
René RICOT : Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite. 27.07.2006 Sénat à Paris (France) 27-07-2006
Eurofedop was present at press conference with Commissioner Spidla on ‘workers’ mobility. 18.07.2006 Brussels (Belgium) 27-07-2006
First Congress of the National Trade Union for the Police and Contractual Personnel (SNPPC). 13-14.07.2006 Sinaia (Romania) 27-07-2006
Expression of support
Eurofedop supports the strike action of the STE in Portugal on 6th July.
European Parliament votes in favour of needlestick report
06.07.2006, European Parliament, Brussels
Eurofedop was present at launch of paper on Women's health
Brussels, 27.06.2006
Eurofedop asks actions from the European Union
Migration health care workers prevents patient care
Eurofedop participates in Liaison Forum. Brussels, 19.06.2006 24-06-2006
Health is wealth - working breakfast in European Parliament. Brussels, 22.06.2006 24-06-2006
Political agreement on a services directive 29.05.2006, Brussels (European Parliament) 21-06-2006
Eurofedop participates in meeting with MEP Pierre Jonckheer 07.06.2006, European Parliament, Brussels 21-06-2006
Demographic challenges finally on EU agenda Working Breakfast 31 May - CEPS conference 01 June 21-06-2006
Far reaching measures in Dutch prisons touch safety of personnel 21-06-2006
Political agreement on a services directive 09-06-2006
Public Services Not Private Profit
Rally & Lobby of Parliament, April 2006
Eurofedop at launching first book Health First Europe “2050 a Health Odyssey”
Brussels, 02.02.2006
It's back to the future on the Services Directive - MEPs react to new proposal
The choice between a social Europe and no Europe at all
Resolution of the EUCDW for the EPP Congress in Rome (March 30-31, 2006)
Lissabon doelstellingen: hoe kwaliteitszorg verzekeren voor de europese burgers?
Brussel, 28.02.2006
Adapting the structures of European social dialogue – work organisation and environment (evaluation seminar).
Tallinn (Estonia), 03-04.03.2006
Information Day 2006 - Public Health. Luxembourg, 22.02.2006 11-03-2006
Workshop on Postal Services Studies. Brussels (Centre Borschette), 21.02.2006 11-03-2006
Austria’s Federal Minister of Justice, Magister Karin Gastinger, presented the action programme of the Austrian Presidency. Brussels, 20.02.2006 11-03-2006
UGL Second Confederal Congress. Rome (Palace of Congresses), 02-04.02.2006 11-03-2006
Services directive - State of play
LMP meeting on implementing the OECD anti-bribery convention: the role of trade unions
Paris, 23 January 2006
Liaison Forum ”Integration of new member organisations”
12.01.2006, Centre Borschette, Brussels
New judgment on time spent on call. 07-02-2006
Salary agreement for 2006 in the public service in Austria - + 2.7 % 12-12-2005
Eurofedop Projects 2005 12-12-2005
Services Directive 12-12-2005

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