26th WCL Congress
Belgium, 21-23.11.2005

Dear colleagues,
This Congress had been prepared by INFEDOP’s World Board on 18/11/2005 in Luxemburg. At the end of this session, a resolution (1) had been adopted that was related to the “open letter to the Executive Committee of the WCL” (2) of four world trade federations.
At the CAP (Commission of the WCL’s Trade Action) session that took place on Monday afternoon 21/11/2005, this open letter was explained. The WCL’s vice-president (responsible for the trade action) tried to reconcile a second note, drawn up by four other trade sectors, with the open letter.
A workshop at which Bert Van Caelenberg, secretary general of INFEDOP, was also present, subsequently drew up a new text (3).

This text was approved on condition that it would form an integral part of the “Resolution for Orientation”.
This Resolution for Orientation, with insertion of the position of the WCL’s Trade Action, was approved by the Congress, with 169 votes in favour, 18 against and 10 abstentions. Herewith the road is open to the creation of a new world confederation.
The dissolution of the WCL will happen at a Congress in 2006. A voting by 2/3rd majority will be necessary for this.
More explanation on the WCL’s website www.cmt-wcl.org.
The Executive Committee of EUROFEDOP will further discuss this point on 02/02/2006 and set a date for an INFEDOP World Board in 2006.

With best regards.

Bert Van Caelenberg
Secretary General Infedop