Meeting of the Chairmen and Secretaries of the Trade Councils and Meeting of the Executive Committee
Luxembourg, 2 and 3 October 2003

On 2nd October, the chairmen and secretaries of the Trade Councils of Eurofedop had their annual meeting at the Jean Monnet Centre in Luxemburg. The more than 30 participants spoke of their activities in 2003 and their objectives for 2004. Apart from this, they also spoke more in detail about the results of the European Convention and the start of the IGC activities. On behalf of the European Commission, Mr Marcel Haag gave explanation on the “Green paper on services of general interest” Com(2003)270.
The next day, the Executive Committee had its meeting. Under the direction of Fritz Neugebauer, President of Eurofedop, the activities of Eurofedop were analysed and the projects for 2004 were presented. In any case, next year will start with a festivity meeting at the Library Solvay, in the heart of Brussels, on 27 January.

Luc Hamelinck, Paul Koeslag, Eric Aarts

Jadranko Vehar, Joseph Vella

Willi Russ, Manfred Wiedner, Esther Reyes Diez, Edit Simao,
Josep Lluis Bauza Simó, Vlasta Mesarić

Johan Vermeire, Alfred Lohman

Marcel Haag, Bert Van Caelenberg

Marcel Haag, Bert Van Caelenberg, Fritz Neugebauer, Wilhelm Gloss

Members of “Chairmen and Secretaries of the Trade Councils”